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Weight training

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

​​When you strength train, you get more calorie-burn for your buck. Working with weights keeps your body working long after you’ve stopped lifting “after-burn" this is the body’s ability to “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption,” or EPOC. Studies report that the body takes between 15 minutes and 48 hours to return to a resting state after exercise. This means you can continue burning calories after you exercise.

Won’t I bulk up?

Noo!!!! Many women do not benefits from strength training out of fear of developing bulging muscles. This is frankly not true! Think about how hard guys have to work to bulk. Plus high levels of estrogen make it very difficult for women to become overly muscular. Instead the changes to muscles are generally related to tone, strength, and endurance rather than size. The results - firmer and better toned muscles.

What are the benefits?

Preserves muscle mass Muscle mass diminishes with age. (Think about the older generation, you can tend to easily see this). This can be contracted through strength training.

The fat percentage in your body increases as you get older if you don’t do anything to replace the lean muscle you lose. Strength training helps preserve and enhance your muscle mass, regardless of your age.

A regular strength training program helps you increase lean body mass and burn calories more efficiently, which can result in healthy weight loss. Reduces risk of osteoporosis because of hormonal changes that women experience as they get older, they naturally lose bone density, putting them at increased risk for developing osteoporosis. Routinely lifting weights and impact exercise promote osteoblast which helps your bones grow stronger, help you maintain strength, and reduce your chance of developing — or slow the effects of — osteoporosis.

How to get started

At Fitcamp tonight we will be doing a weight focused session. Helping you kick start your resistance training knowledge and give you confidence with home training/ a weights focused gym session.

It's an excellent way to increase muscular strength and tone, burn calories (with extra burn from the weight training 'after burn') and have some fun whilst being amazed at just what you can achieve and what your body is capable of.

to book your place / to find out more, contact

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