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AJF: 2024 Latest

  • New classes

  • New clothing

  • Pricing changes

  • Pole Open workouts

  • Workshops

  • AJF Retreat day

  • In house shoots

  • Private training options

New classes

This year we've already added additional daytime classes, evening classes, weekend classes and kids. April will see even more classes added with our full timetable as below :



Mon 6.30pm Aerial fabrics

Mon 7.30pm Mixed level hoop

Mon 8.30pm Beginner pole

Mon 8.30pm Advanced pole


Tues 10.30am Daytime pole

Tues 6.30pm Upper beginner pole

Tues 7.30pm Intermediate pole

Tues 7.30pm Yoga flexibility

Tues 8.30pm Pole choreography



Wed 6.15pm Beginner pole

Wed 7.30pm Beginner hoop

Wed 8.30pm Advanced pole 



Thu 6.15pm Beginner Pole

Thu 7.15pm Int/Adv hoop

Thu 8.15pm Intermediate pole

Thu 8.15pm Upper Beginner pole



Fri 10.30am Daytime pole

Fri 6.30pm Flying pole



Sat 10.00am Mixed level pole

Sat 11.00am Heels, flows & combos (pole)



Sun 10.30am Aerial yoga

Sun 11.30am Beginners Pole

Sun 11.30am Upper Beginners Pole


Kids& Teens

Wed 4.30pm Hoop

Fri 5.30pm Fabrics

AJ Merch is back in!!

Our AJFitness clothing collection has now dropped! We’ve teamed up with AllBoogie Dancewear to keep you fully kitted out. Choose from personalised tops, crops, hoodies, trackies and more! All of which can be ordered straight from our website store at

Open Training Timetable

·       Monday           6.30pm hoop

·       Wednesday     8.30pm pole

·       Thursday          7.15pm pole

·       Friday               5.30pm pole

·       Sunday             10.30am pole

·       Sunday             2.00pm pole

·       Sunday             2.00pm hoop

Note open training is for AJF regulars only, to practice flows and combos they can safely do. It is not a place for trying new things or things you require spotting in. For those things, book a class or 121. Open training is a chance to refresh what you have done in class, to improve technique, grace and fluidity. Or to work on choreographing your own routines. You are expected to have a lesson plan with you for your training session.

We expect a minimum of 12weeks consecutive training with us, you must then be approved to open train by an AJF staff member. If you’d like to discuss whether open training is right for you, please contact Amanda directly.

AJs Photography Studio - Mini shoots

That's right you can now book a shoot ALL YEAR ROUND!!

Here is a sneak peak from our colour pop package - could this be you?? Jade has you covered with her classic, mini or shared shoots. All hosted in house with @Jadefrancescaphotography

For details contact Jade

AJs Private Training

Need some practice for those up and coming shoots?

Or just after some new reel content?

Did you know you and a friend can now hire out our private pole studio from as little as £20ppsn ph. Choose from our solo or duo packages and get private access to our photography studio for your pole training jams.

·       SOLO 2HRS     £55

·       DUO 2HRS       £45ppsn

·       DUO 3HRS       £60ppsn

Available weekday evenings Monday - Friday, plus Friday and Sunday mornings.

For booking, contact Amanda at

Price rises effective 31/03/24

Sadly, with the cost of absolutely everything increasing astronomically, we, like many businesses, have had no choice but to add a small price increase. Making this decision is especially tough as we know the financial pressures everyone is facing.

As a thank you to each and every one of our students, this increase will not come in until 30th March and up until this date, you can lock in to the old monthly membership plan, which will lock your price to the current rate for the whole of 2024.

Already on a monthly membership? Your price will remain locked in for the whole of 2024.

Your price will change if you

-            Take out a membership after 30th March

-            Change your membership after 30th March

-            Cancel your membership and re-sign up at a later date

If you wish to upgrade your membership or take out a monthly membership, you have until the 30th March to do so on the current rates.

From 31st March our new pricing structure will come in to effect :

·       £16.50 PAYG

·       £200 MONTHLY 25 CLASSES

·       £125 MONTHLY 15 CLASSES

·       £100 MONTHLY 10 CLASSES

·       £70 MONTHLY 5 CLASSES

·       £115 CLASS PACK 10

·       £75 CLASS PACK 5

121s in Borehamwood, Welwyn Garden City & Online

121s, 221s and small groups are available both at our AJF studio in Borehamwood WD6 2FR, the Welwyn Hub AL7 2PS and online.

·       121 face to face £45 1hr

·       221 face to face £60 1hr

·       121 online £45 1hr30


This year we promise you lots more AJ fun! Join us for

·       FRI 22 MARCH            CIRCLE OF AIR EVENING now open for booking

·       SUN 31 MARCH          ALL THINGS UPSIDEDOWN now open for booking

·       SUN 21 APRIL              KIDS INTRO TO POLE now open for booking

·       SUN 21 APRIL              DUO FLYING HAMMOCK


·       TBC MAY            AJF RETREAT DAY

·       SUN 30 JUNE               MAKING AERIAL ACCESSIBLE

Pole Open Workout 2024

For those that haven’t heard of “the open” in the fitness (or more specifically) in the CrossFit community, it is an annual event, set over 3 weeks, with 3 workouts.

As some light fun, we decided to this week launch our own “pole open” a series of 3 pole workouts to be timed and scored over the three weeks!

AJF Pole open workout 1:

-           10 cartwheel kicks

-            6 pole climbs

-           10 cartwheel kicks

To be completed in under 5 minutes, as quickly as you can!

WINNER of part 1 goes to – the super speedy and super competitive Johanna Pascumal with a record score of 61seconds!!! Can she stay top for week 2?

AJF Pole open workout 2:

-            1 side climb

-            1 floor shoulder-mount tap

As many as you can in 2minutes. You must alternate climbing legs and your total number of floor taps = your total score.

Good luck!!!

Dream Team

It’s been a while since our last newsletter – so we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Amber our newest member to the teaching team!

Amber first tried pole at university, having never found a hobby or sport she enjoyed and it completely transformed her life! Not only did pole make her stronger, but she gained confidence in herself and found it a great way to socialise.


If you haven’t already done a class with Amber, you can join her Wednesdays & Thursdays for beginners. Amber is also available for privates on request. For details pop her a message or email

Best wishes

Amanda & the AJF team xx

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