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End of year photoshoot

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.The same goes for achievements, the same goes for pole goals. It isn't until a moments passed and we sit back and reflect, that we realise, quiet how incredible we are.

Pole shoots are a great way to stop and reflect. Stop looking at the next move, what we are trying to achieve, what others can do that we haven't quiet mastered. Instead we can pause time and appreciate just how remarkable we are. Just what we HAVE achieved and what we CAN do. Ad just how far we have come.

It's a moment to capture us doing something we love, defying gravity, enjoying our hobby, our art and creating beautiful keepsakes.

If you'd like a spot, we have one left for our shoot with AEM Photography on

Tuesday 28th November at 7pm, contact

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