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The dreaded sit up

Sit ups are one of the most challenging core exercises, whether it's just the negative (from seated and rolling down) or even right through to the sitting back up.

Sit-ups do get a lot of stick in the fitness industry, however, they can be a good exercise if they are done correctly, with correct engagement and are used along with other exercises to help strengthen the muscles throughout the core, as well as strengthening the surrounding muscles (so not just working on the stomach area).

Your core is composed of your back, abdominals, glutes, pelvic floor and hips. Your core may be weak even if you exercise regularly. No matter the reason for a weakened core, your muscles can be strengthened and you will eventually be capable of doing sit-ups, should you so wish!

Today I am extremely pleased to say that this morning my client, who has been training with me for just 6 weeks, who once believed the dreaded sit up, was just one of those things he would just never be able to do, did in fact (and at the end of a tough Personal Training session) successfully completed his first sit up!

If like him, you feel the dreaded sit up, is just something you've never been able to do, and you'd like to work on strengthening your core, contact me today for information on my 6 weeks to a stronger you Personal training package.

Amanda Jane

Personal Trainer

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