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🌏🌿 E A R T H I N G 🌿🌍


Earthing is something I became very interested in following my yoga training.

I've always been one for the outdoors, always loved going for runs, walks, strolls through the woodlands and parks but equally was very happy just to be sat outside on the grass in my back garden.

That said I do often feel unsettled, now often working in high rise buildings, sitting in high style chairs with my feet not reaching the floor, now living in a top floor flat and equally, spending lots of time with my feet off of the ground due to my 'high flying' job as a pole instructor and love for aerial arts ;)

I love nothing more than being outdoors or having my toes in the sand, or doing cartwheels across the fields but why...


I am a great believer that grounding can help regulate endocrines & your nervous system, calming your sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight response) and therefore reducing stress, anxiety, muscle tension and headaches.

Most of us are aware that the human body is conductive and runs on electromagnetic energy, but we probably play little attention to all of the different magnetic fields and radiation around us, of which our body absorbs from powerlines, mobilephones, wifi, electricity cables etc.

This youtube video I found really interesting to see just how conductive these energies are using a gaus meter and just how grounding works. However please continue to read why I personally don't agree to all of the video before you watch.


Think about electricity and how it is always earthed, the earth cable allows any excess or stray energy to exit down the cable to the earth.

The same principle applies to humans, when your feet are on the earth, excess energy/ absorbed energy /radiation can exit the body down your legs and through your feet into the earth.

Great so, to reduce our exposure, we just need to keep in contact with the ground / outdoors.

Some have recognised that this doesn't fit with our city lives and our high rise apartment and office blocks and have instead created earthing products, to bring the outside to you.


Sounds simple, except, for when you re-read why we earth our appliances... the earth cable allows any excess or stray energy to exit down the cable to the earth. If we are therefore plugging ourselves in to this cable, making ourselves an extension of these cables, we are therefore exposing ourselves to those same energies we are trying to rid ourselves of.

My personal thoughts are, if you can instead spend some time with the great outdoors, save yourself a couple of hundred pounds and prevent yourself from possibly electricuting yourself or messing with electrics in a way they are not designed for.... whilst being earthed, isn't that the solution?

This weekend Team AJ will be running a 10k obstacle race in Hertford, why not come along, join in or spectate, bring the family and spend some time earthing in the great outdoors.

We will then be finding a local pub garden, to (whilst covered from head to to in mud) enjoy a well deserved vino and some grub!

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