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After Easter detox

Had one too many Easter eggs? Over indulged at family gatherings this weekend? or simply want to start on a better journey towards a healthier you?

The simplest way to detox is to get moving.

Increasing movement helps the bodys functions and organs of elimination work most efficiently.

Here are some of the many ways exercise can help detox your body:

  • Exercise helps to circulate both blood and lymph. The more they circulate, the more the liver and lymph nodes can do their job of purifying and cleansing

  • When you exercise you breathe more deeply through the lungs, pumping more oxygen to the brain and muscles

  • Lung capacity increases and the heart muscle grows stronger, meaning a better rate of detox by improved circulation

  • Exercise also encourages the digestive system works well and more regularly

  • The skin is also cleansed from the inside out by way of perspiration, eliminating toxins through the skin

  • Exercising can detox the body by reducing the fatty tissue and toxins stored within it

If you would like some help with your post Easter detox, or if you have any exercise detox related questions, please get in touch.

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