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Why exercise with friends....

1. You'll be more motivated Don't feel like working out after work? It's one thing to cancel plans with yourself—it's another to cancel on a friend who's counting on you. You're much more likely to meet your friend for a planned workout session at 6 p.m. compared to tentative plans you made with yourself for, say, sometime after lunch. 2. Your workouts can be more fun Crazy thought but just imagine a catch up with your friend which doesn't hinder your health, no alcohol, no coffee, no cake. You can change your habits and socialise in a way that is improving your health and we'll being. 3. You'll work out harder Whenever you're working out with someone else, the intensity is always going to be greater than when you're alone. You'll push yourself more, but also push and encourage each other to go that bit harder. 4. You can invest in yourself as save money Sharing a bagel is cheaper than buying one yourself (and fewer calories). The same math applies when it comes to a personal trainer. At AJfitness we offer discounts for partner or group sessions. 5. Your habits and lifestyles will change together. Like with most things, take a look at your friends and they're a good indication of you, your habits and your lifestyle. If your friends are making healthier changes, chances are, so are you. Equally if your friends are overidulging or engaging in bad habits, chances are, so are you. Do you think you and your friends would benefit from a group training session? Contact Amanda Jane PT at AJFitness PT & Pole to arrange a free no obligation consultation

— at AJFitness PT & Pole.

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