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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of the Foundation

When building a house or even a patio. You may need to dig down heaps to make a big hole, to then just re fill it. But we do this to allow for the changing elevation. And we do so because engineers and architects tell us to. Some projects you could even spent 90% on that support structure, with just 10% on the aesthetics. Think of building a decking. Is the ground flat? Do you need to dig down? Do you need to strengthen? Think about the planning. Very little time is actually spent on laying the slats, most of the time is spent planning, building and strengthening of the foundations. Strength and stability lie in the foundation. Although it might not be as immediately gratifying as focusing on the surface, don't close your eyes to those areas that need more work, but instead take mental note of them, strengthen them and with that, the patio, or pole trick, of which you overlay, will in turn improve & strengthen. We want a structure that will stand and endure. Not a week flimsy patio which will break, be out of use and need to be built back up. Consider that a surface issues may actually be a foundation issues if we are courageous enough to find the source. At AjFitness PT&Pole, we spent a lot of time on the foundation of our patio. Whether thats in our warm ups, our supporting classes, our pre class conditioning or our back to basics once every 6 weeks. Think back to our patio or building works for just a moment. One day, something might break or crack. You may be able to resolve the issue by a surface level tweak (working on one move) the issue may be resolved, but equally it may come back or show up elsewhere (in other moves). If we really care about the stability of the structure its worth investing some time to investigate the source, in pole terms, going back to basics, seeing what moves/ holds/ tricks are not imaculate, mentally noting them and investing some time and effort to improve on them. By improving and revisiting our basics we build on a structure that will hold and endure. Not a week flimsy patio which will break. Improving our basics will strengthen and credit our overall practise.

Amanda Jane

Personal Trainer

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