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Members Oath

and T&Cs

AJFitness Members Oath

1. I promise to always support, encourage and uplift my fellow members. Showboating, bullying or negativity towards others will not be tolerated. I accept that AJFitness is a safe place for our members and we intend to keep it that way, I accept that if i am unsupportive of this, I will be asked to leave without refund.​​


2. I will not instruct, spot, direct other students nor will I take direction, spotting or teaching from other students. This is for my safety and the safety of those in my class. As we are much better off with qualified and insured instructors!


3. This is my safe place where I can do, become and believe anything I put my mind to. I will leave my grumpy self at the door, happy students make better pole dancers!

4. I will ditch the gum in class. whilst instructors are first aid trained, we'd rather not see you choke!

5. I will always arrive on time to classes. Warm ups are the most important part of the class, if you are not there for when the warm up begins, expect to be turned away without refund. This is for your own safety.

6. I will unplug. My phone will only be used to 1. check in on social media before class & 2. to take progress shots & videos once I have checked with my instructor that it is okay to do so. Our instructors spend a lot of time and energy planning your classes, please don't be on your phones, it's rude, upsetting and can cause you to miss important information.

7. I will seek permission from anyone in the background of my progress photos and videos before sharing them on social media or anywhere outside of the private members FB group. We wouldn't want you, or any of your members feeling self conscious. Please ask or avoid capturing others in your snaps!

8. I don’t entertain negativity in any shape or form. I simply let it go. I accept that any negativity or negative/ band words from any of the class will incur group forfeits. Studies show what you think and say, you attract. There will be things that are difficult and take a while to get, and that's okay, you will get them in time, stay positive and focused and they will come!  

9. I respect others and other classes. If there is a class on-going, I will wait in the kitchen or foyer area until an instructor invites us in. I will avoid walking through other classes, or distracting other classes directly or indirectly. As this is unfair and frustrating to those that have paid and invested in that particular class.

10. I respect and accept the 48hr notice period. If I miss a class or give less that 48hrs notice via the goteam up app (for cancelling my space), I will not be able to make the class up, regardless of the circumstance & I accept that where make ups do qualify, they must be agreed with my instructor before the end of the course & booked via goteamup. If I miss the session, the makeup will be lost.

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