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Pole fitness and dance has expanded across the world and is now considered a fun alternative for fitness and is now recognised as a mainstream way to work out.

With a special emphasis on safety and fun all our trainers have multiple years of experience and are all qualified by XPERT Pole Fitness & are registered with the pole safe federation and are pole safe, train safe approved.


We have beginer, intermediate and advanced classes as well as a daytime mixed level class and pole practice sessions (for members that have been with us for over 2months).

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You do not need to be strong or super fit to try out this circus discipline. 

Aerial hoop, formally known as lyra, is a fun and easy entry into circus inspired fitness. Building your grip strength, lifting strength, holding strength and stamina, it pushes bot strength, flexibility and stamina.


This class will start you at the very basics and ensure a fun and safe alternative for working out. 

You don't need and aerial experience, just come along with a bottle of water, and in normal gym attire and we'll have you hanging upsidedown and tryig out some new tricks in no time!

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No experience necessary!


Aerial conditioning is a fast paced, circus inspired fitness class, working both on and off a variety of equipment such as our olympic rings, trapeze, aerial hoop lyra and pole, to complete various exercises and tricks to help grow your strength and stamina whilst also having fun.

You don't need and aerial experience but if you are already hanging upsidedown with us, this will definitely help you along your pole and aerial journey.

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