Personal Training

121 training, couples PT and small group training sessions can be done where ever suits you. Sessions are an hour long and include monthly tracking with measurements, fit tests, fat %, weight, blood pressure etc and weekly food/ nutrition reviews.


Sessions available week days and selected weekends. For more info, please contact with your availability.

​Please note sessions must be prebooked and prepaid. You will need to allocate a set time each week for your regular session and once booked, sessions are non refundable or transferable. A session may be rescheduled if 48hrs notice is given, however this must be done within four weeks.

Your space is only guaranteed once payment is received.


​☆☆ 121 Training Packages ☆☆

121 GOLD PACKAGE - THE LIFE CHANGER (2 session a week for 12wks @£850)

121 SILVER PACKAGE - KICK STARTER (1 session a week for 12wks @£500)

121 BRONZE PACKAGE - WELCOME TO WEIGHTS (1 session a week for 8wks @£350)


Pay as you go sessions (1 session @£55)

​☆☆ Group Training Packages ☆☆

6ppl+  GOLD GROUP (1 session a week for 6wks @£120ppsn)

3 -5ppl  SILVER GROUP (1 session a week for 6wks @£150ppsn)

2   ppl  BRONZE GROUP (1 session a week for 6wks @£180ppsn)

Pay as you go sessions 3ppl +(1 session @£30ppsn)



Our 121 gold 'life changer' package gives you two top PT led sessions, as well as weekly food reviews and weekly home workouts. This gives you all the steps and support needed to really get you changing your habits and therefore changing your life.


Our 121 silver 'kick starter' package, gives you a great PT led workout once a week, with the additional support from a weekly home work out programme as well as a weekly nutrition review, to help ensure, not only a great work out but also giving you the tools you need to keep you on train between each session and getting you in to your fitness journey.


Our 121 'welcome to weights' package is designed to help get you comfortable with weights and resistance training exercises, to ensure a balanced and safe workout. This package is recommended as a way to get you ready for training on your own after the 8 weeks.

​☆☆ HOW TO BOOK ☆☆


I believe that training is best achieved when working with a trainer YOU feel is right for you, there are many different types of trainers and many different attitudes towards it. For me personally it is not necessarily about achieving the biggest muscles or the smallest waist. Yes that can be a part of it but for me, it is first about mentality, mindset and perspective. And ultimately about being comfortable in your body and able to love what it is capable of.


For this reason, I think it's always important to meet with clients pre-sign up, for a quick chat on what your goals are, why and what training is best for you.


For more information  to register your interest, please contact​

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