We are currently allowed to offer:

• Face to face 121s outdoors in public spaces

• Online 121s for personal training, pole, aerial, yoga, stretch, barre, pilates, weights etc

• Online classes - see our latest timetable



We do hope to re-open once this lockdown lifts. Memberships will remain on hold at this time and classes will run with strict social distancing in place. 

121s at the Welwyn hub will continue as soon as we are allowed to do so, as will 121s at SBSD in Borehamwood and all Borehamwood classes.


We hope to work towards a full timetable & reinstating memberships as soon as we can, and will let you know when this is ready to happen.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking extra precautions with the intake of each client. 


• Please bring with you your own yoga mat (FOR STRETCH ONLY)
• Please also bring fresh clean socks (ideally grippy ones) to be worn in the training space & your face mask
• Please spray the soles of your shoes with disinfectant BEFORE entering the property / studio boundary or remove your shoes on entry
• Wash or sanitise your hands before, during and after your session
• Sanitise your equipment before and after use
• Social distancing must still continue before during and after your session - even if you are sharing equipment
• You must only attend your session if you are well and if no one in your household is isolating
• If for any reason it is not possible to fully social distance, it is recommended individuals are side by side or facing away from each other rather than face-to-face and face masks should be worn in this instance
• AJfitness do not recommend the use of masks during the class, however if you wish to do so, this is your own personal choice
• Masks however, are mandatory when entering and exiting the facility, in communal areas, such as corridors, toilets and kitchen area and for carrying out pre and post class cleaning


• Instructors will be hosting lessons where little to no spotting is required. However if spotting is necessary, masks are to be worn by instructor & participant 
• Instructors may still spot you if there is a risk to your safety e.g. if there is a risk of serious injury
• Every student will be asked to clean their own equipment before and after use. You will be asked to wear your mask and sanitise your hands before doing so
• Students must not congregate before, after or in between classes and practice social distancing should continue during this time.​
• At this time, no one other than instructors and students are allowed in class.

• If you do not wish to share equipment, please speak to your instructor prior to your class.

Thank you to all of our members for your continued support, whether that's attending our classes, sharing our posts, sharing your memories or your messages of support. And we can't wait to seeing you all back doing what you love!

last updated : 06/11/2020

Booking a class

Spaces for classes are now open for booking. To secure your spot head to the timetable and search for the date of the class you wish to attend. 

Face to face classes will be reopen as soon as we can. Spaces are pre-book only & subject to strict social distancing.

Face to face sessions should be cancelled and should not take place if you or your instructor are required to self-isolate under the government guidelines (e.g. if you, they or any member of the family household are exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus or if guided to by government advice including the NHS contract-tracing Covid-19 App). If AJfitness are required to cancel any classes, you will be notified and your class will be re-scheduled. 

AJfitness will be following strict social distancing and track and tracing rules.

Booking 121s

Outdoor 121s have been up and running since 23rd May (and subject to strict government guidelines)

Indoor 121s are back on hold as of 5th November.

If you are not following the current government advice regarding contact with others, social distancing and meeting other people then you will not be covered to train with us.


To attend a face to face session you must


  • be following the current government advice regarding contact with others, social distancing and meeting other people

  • soles of shoes must also be sprayed down or shoes removed before entering the training space

  • bring your own hand sanitiser for use before and after your session

  • bring your own disinfectant spray to spray equipment before and after use

  • bring your own clean towel / mat, socks and grip for your session (mats required for stretch & pilates)

  • all equipment must be sprayed and properly cleaned and disinfected before and after use




Thank you to everyone who have already sent their kind words & support it is very much appreciated in this very strange and difficult time. 

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