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Online classes & skype social

Hey gang,

It's been 3 long weeks since closing our doors as a result of this horrible virus, and of course I miss you all very much!

I hope you and all of your families are safe and well.

And I'd also like to offer a huge thank you to Stacey, Gina, Amina, Alexis and Raf who have all been working closely with me to keep you all moving, motivated, strong and sane (where possible) during this down time.

If you haven't already done so, check out our online timetable which is full of lots of great classes all designed around keeping up your strength, mobility and flexibility, so that you can return to classes and hit the ground running after this break.

And for anyone struggling, remember you have a huge support network around you, simply reach out, we are all just a message or skype away xxx

As we are starting to enter our fourth week, the time in which muscle strength it is expected to begin to deplete, I'd urge you all to do some form of movement and home training to keep you sane and mobile. Of course we have a number of online classed to help with this, including splits, strength training, back strengthening, shoulder love, pilates, barre, handstands, floor balances, pole, resistance training and yoga.

The exercise we do at classes week in week out, is considered an extreme sport, demanding a lot from our bodies, and that is why it is so important you keep them moving, keep them strong, keep them nourished and keep them balanced, to ensure a safe and speedy return once this is all over with.

If you are unable to join us, I will make sure I put in place additional support where I can when classes are back, to get you all back up to full aerial health.


We know that this is a tough time for everyone, and as such we wanted to add a little fun to your weeks, so as such I've arranged a little social for you all this weekend.

It's £1 to enter and entry will go towards prizes ;)

To register, click here : https://goteamup.com/p/2549315-ajfitnessptpole-borehamwo/e/24317453-ajfitness-skype-social/

I just want to again say a huge thank you to everyone who has booked on to support us with our classes.

Love to you all xx and don't forget to check out the timetable at