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Happy National Pole Dance Day


As not everyone has the luxury of poling today, so the #isolationchallenge for this weekend is to share your 3 favourite pole pictures, with a bit about what pole means to you. Remember to #hashtag your #picoftheday whilst checking in at @Ajfitness_pt_pole_aerial so we can see all of your gorgeous snaps!

As it is #nationalpoledanceday we wanted to give everyone the chance to get moving and get social with us, this weekend, and right through in to next week, so we will be trailing a new #weekend and #weekday #classpass.

  • To see our new timetable - click here

  • To check out our new class passes - click here

  • To book an online pole 121 email - info@ajfitness.co.uk (available daily)

  • 121s can also be booked for yoga, splits, weights etc

Got a new class pack already? If you have enough credit left on it for our weekend or weekday class pass, let me know and i will transfer it over for you.


A new normal will start to be phased in soon and will mean big changes for when we are allowed to re-open our doors once again. If you have any ideas, or feedback on what this new normal will look like for us, or what you would like it to look like when we do eventually re-open, please do let me know.

I have always appreciated and value your thoughts and opinions, as without you all, there would be no AJfitness, and this time is no different. Please do drop me a message.

Obviously we will not be doing anything until we feel that we have an action plan in place, to keep us all well and safe.

I will continue to monitor the government guidance, and any updates will be posted here.


Thank you all once again for you friendships and support and a happy national pole day to you all.

The AJfitness gang