Code of Conduct

AJFitness Code of Conduct

The AJfitness code of conduct is a system of self-regulation for all instructors and trainers and teachers who are involved in supervising people who take part in physical activity programs under the AJfitness banner, whether, on and around pole or aerial apparatus, or off the pole, in other fitness activity. Our code of conduct provides a framework for individual instructors so that they can achieve the highest standards of professionalism.​​​ AJFitness is obliged to monitor compliance with and impose sanctions for any breaches of the Code of Conduct.

 All staff must :

  1. Arrive in plenty of time to set up ahead of your class start time and ensure safety

  2. have gained a recognised and approved certification or qualification appropriate for the level and discipline they teach (including enhanced DBS for teaching children & must be familiar with our Safe Guarding policies) 

  3. have public liability and professional indemnity insurance specific to pole and / or aerial tuition and ensure they comply with insurance requirements for safe practice

  4. have a current Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) qualification, or equivalent

  5. inspect equipment prior to each class to ensure all is safe and is professionally manufactured and fitted to manufactures specifications

  6. ensure a reasonable distance between pieces of aerial equipment, walls or other objects or barriers

  7. log equipment maintenance and checks and ensure equipment is safe and clean before every class

  8. Offer the use of safety mats when teaching where appropriate for Health & Safety

  9. Consider the wellbeing and safety of participants throughout

  10. Keep yourself informed about sound coaching practices

  11.  Be reasonable in your demands on participants time, energy and enthusiasm

  12.  Divide your time equally between all standards of students as much as possible

  13. Follow advice from a professional when determining if an injured student is ready to return to class

  14. Take responsibility for the young people in your care until they have safely left the facility

  15. Develop an appropriate working relationship with students, based on mutual trust and respect

  16. Make sure all activities are appropriate to the age, ability and experience of those taking part

  17. Promote the positive aspects of the sport e.g positive mindset & celebrating achievements

  18. Display consistently high standards of behaviour and appearance

  19. Follow all guidelines laid down by AJfitness, the Pole Safe federation & Xpert guidance

  20. Encourage participants to value the journey not just the end results

  21. Encourage and guide students to listen to their bodies and not push past their abilities or towards unrealistic/ unachievable or unsafe aspirations

  22. Ensure communication at all times conforms to the values set out in the Code, is dignified and in good taste, and not contain vulgar or obscene words or images

  23.  Be responsible for obtaining, where applicable, the consent of any other persons appearing in any still or moving images posted

  24.  Always use social network forums to add value and promote AJfitness in a positive way

  25. Be the friendly, supportive and encouraging member of the team we know our instructors to be!

All staff must not:

  1. At any time present for training evidencing consumption of alcohol or affected by illicit drugs of addiction

  2. Engage in excessive use of alcohol and/or other drugs that leads to behaviour that is deemed unlawful, creates a public nuisance, and/or public disturbance, and/or disturbance to a fellow instructor, student or other sporting official

  3. Exert undue influence over students to obtain personal benefit or reward

  4. Condone rule violations, the use of prohibited substances or promote anti-social behaviour, acts or excessive drinking, or force any students into taking part in such activities

  5. Ridicule or shout at a student for making a mistake, if there is an issue, please address it discreetly with the participant, if you feel the issue is still not resolved, please escalate.

  6. Do anything which is likely to intimidate, offend, insult, humiliate or discriminate against any other person on the ground of gender, race, disability, age, religious or political belief, sexual orientation, social background, ethnic origin, language, marital or civil partnership status or pregnancy

  7. Imply that any personal comments are endorsed in any way by AJFitness or an AJfitness member

  8. Participate in social media networks in such a way that harasses, defames, discriminates or treats unfairly or inappropriately any members of AJfitness

  9. Communicate frustration at an instructor, owner or student via social network channels

  10. Speak for or post images on behalf of or related to AJfitness business operations, marketing campaigns, facilities, membership, Athletes, coaches or officials or media coverage without the express prior approval of AJfitness;

  11. Use the AJfitness logo or  give out personal details, locations, confidential information or other content including images, where the instructor does not have permission to do so

  12. Have more than 3 beginner/intermediate students or 2 advanced students to a piece of equipment when teaching

  13. Allow students to go higher than 3mtrs from the ground on the equipment, or to adhere to insurance height regulations if specified

  14. Allow any student who is, or is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs from participating in any sessions


In addition, instructors are expected to teach in an environment that:

  1. Is an appropriate size, temperature and height for the activity being taught

  2. Is clean and free of environmental hazards & report any issues with AJfitness to take up with the venue facilitators

  3. Has sufficient lighting, both inside the venue and in the entrance / exit areas, including emergency lighting & report any issues with AJfitness to take up with the venue facilitators

  4. Has appropriate access points which are free of hazards & report any issues with AJfitness to take up with the venue facilitators

  5. Has a working, maintained fire alarm system, fire exits and a fire safety notices

  6. Has clean, safe toilet and washing facilities & report any issues with AJfitness to take up with the venue facilitators


* For breaches of the Code of Conduct, the director of AJfitness may impose penalties as it deems appropriate. Instructors must not make any public or media comment which is detrimental to the interests of AJfitness. This includes but is not limited to commenting negatively about:

 AJFitness, AJfitness events or events AJFitness is participating in, AJfitness instructors or students.

When using social media, which includes, but is not limited to:

Social networking sites, Video and photo sharing websites,  All photographs, video and audio ‘material’ posted onto social media or the internet,   Micro-blogging sites,  Weblogs, including corporate blogs, personal blogs,  Forums and discussion boards, or Online encyclopaedias .

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